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Insight OnBalance Share Info


1 have purchase Insight Balance (version 4.1) for our 14 Filers and i think it will be great that we share informations on this application, like


Virtual Appliance



Performance data collection, or anything ...

One problem that i have encounter is that my MS proxy server could not communicate with the VM appliance and to fixed it i had to delete all my discovry object (lost all perf data collection) delete the proxy and re-created a new one. could not open a case with NetApp because it was a demo.



Insight OnBalance Share Info

Hi Gilbert,

I suggest you check out the Balance Getting Started Series:

There are three on demand courses:

  1. Installing Balance
  2. Configuring Balance
  3. How to use the Balance Key Performance Indicators. 

Also, as a NetApp customer, you can also search the Knowledgebase on There are more than 300 articles on discovery, collection errors and other challenges you may encounter.

Hope this helps!

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