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Installation driving me crazy, please help!



If anyone could help Id be eternally grateful, its driving me crazy.


I have just moved to Win10 and am trying to install OCSM.


The first time I ran the software it detected my 2220s then bombed out.


The error I get is,


"Unable to load the storage systems as the configuration file of OnCommand System Manager is corrupted."


So far,

I have downloaded and tried multiple installs of OCSM 3.1.3, ensuring I have the latest 64bit Java 8.

I have tried deleting the systemmanager.config file from both the program files folder and the user\name\netapp folder

I have tried using the .jar file

I have tried deleting the .ks file


Ive read through and tried almost all of the articles on here and nothing seems to be working?


Please help...

Much appreciated Smiley Happy


Re: Installation driving me crazy, please help!

I have finally figured this out!!

I had added to the trusted sites but not


Here for anyone else who struggles...