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Is DFM monitoring NTP-sync ?

Hi All,

A few days ago, the time of a filer was more then 5 minutes out of NTP-sync.

We are using DFM-OM 3.7.1 to manage this filer.

But we did not get an alarm about the filer being out of NTP-time-sync.

1) Does DFM monitor being in NTP-sync?

2) If so, where (in DFM) can I check this alarm?

filer> options timed

timed.enable on

timed.log on

timed.max_skew 30m

timed.min_skew 0

timed.proto ntp

timed.sched 1h

timed.servers time-server

timed.window 0s


Re: Is DFM monitoring NTP-sync ?

I do believe that once a filer is x minutes out of sync it can no longer auto-adjust the time.  I'm not sure what that "x" time is at the moment, but I do recall reading about it in one of the guides.  If someone doesn't beat me to it, I'll hunt it down and post the link.

Not sure about the error notification from DFM. 


Re: Is DFM monitoring NTP-sync ?

Thanks for the answer.

Accourding to our supplier, DFM is not monitoring on NTP-time-sync.

They have placed a RFC for DFM for monitoring "Filer being out of time-sync".

So it might being monitered in one of the new DFM-releases.


Re: Is DFM monitoring NTP-sync ?

I think you just need to change timed.max_skew to 5 min, you won't have to monitor this then.


Re: Is DFM monitoring NTP-sync ?

You still need to check if the time servers are responding


Re: Is DFM monitoring NTP-sync ?

OnCommand 5.0 includes monitoring of time skew for 7-mode systems running at least Data ONTAP 7.  See KB 1013384 titled "How to monitor time skew using OnCommand Core 5.0" for more information. For older OnCommand (DFM) releases, or for cluster-mode configurations, we have script-plugin available as DOC-13847 on NetApp communities.


Re: Is DFM monitoring NTP-sync ?

Thats good to hear. Now we might skip the scripting. Thanks for the answer.

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