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Issue with creating report for OCUM

I am building a history report in BIRT that draws data from an OCUM 7.1P3 appliance. I am using the aggregatecapacityhistoryyearview table. I am trying to derive a value from the UsedSum column that takes the value and divides it by 1024 Four times believing I will get a terabyte value. The values returned are not accurate at least compared to the GUI and the frames GUI. What is the value that is stored in KB? MB? GB?


What the OCUM GUI shows is 2.76TB at the high point what my report shows is 1.75TB 


Re: Issue with creating report for OCUM

Hi Andrew,


This should be in KB as the column is named 'dfKBytesUsedSum'. So, you can divide by (1024*1024) to get value in GB.


Re: Issue with creating report for OCUM

I had assumed it was KB however the issue I was experiencing was resolved by dividing UsedSum by sampleCount then by 1024/1024 to get what I wanted.

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