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LAG Thresholds

Is there a way to set different LAG thresholds in Unified Manager.  In the old Netapp Management Console you can have different RPO thresholds and assoviate external relationships with those policies.  Did that get taken out in the Unified Manager product?


Re: LAG Thresholds


I am not sure which OCUM monitored relationship of below you are referring to here:

  a. Storage service(external 3rd party API consumer) based relationships introduced in OCUM6.0.

  b. WFA based relationships introduced in OCUM6.1.

  c. External (Ontap) discovered relationships which used to work starting OCUM6.0.

For item(a) above, the lag (warning, error) are set during storage service creation time AND can be modifed on-the-fly also using storage-service-modify OCUM ZAPI.

For item(c) above, the thresholds are set to default value of 150%(lag warning) and 250%(lag error) respectively which can be modified in the OCUM GUI SetupOptions-Thresholds-Relationships page later.

For item(b) above, i have not seen an option field in OCUM GUI when creating/modifying WFA-created relationships, to set/modify lag thresholds.

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Re: LAG Thresholds

Yes I was talking about external On-Tap relationships crated via command line or System Manager.

What 3rd Party Storage Services are available for creating and monitoring SnapMirror?

Disappointed that NetApp thinks that all volumes should have the same LAG threshold.

Re: LAG Thresholds

What 3rd Party Storage Services are available for creating and monitoring SnapMirror?

[There are storage-service suite of  OCUM ZAPIs available for snapmirror/snapvault relationship management for use by products such as Netapp SnapProtect, Symantec RD,

CommVault Symphana. Basically the 3rd party App manage the 'local' backups and use OCUM server to drive the 'aux' (non-primary) backups and 'restore' from secondary/tertiary nodes.].

Re: LAG Thresholds

You can still do this..

You can create what I term as a monitoring policy, where the relationships are still controlled at the filer level but you create a dataset in ocum with no actions, but just monitor lag.  Fairly straightforward

Re: LAG Thresholds

JP, where can you create datasets on ocum?

Re: LAG Thresholds

JP, do you mean version 5.x of ocum or 6.1?

Re: LAG Thresholds

Sorry, I should have been more clearer, 5.x and i'm referring to protection manager

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