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Hey @bkamil  - Making the change won't liock me out of my system correct? I can always still be able to use the "admin" account like normal to access the storage array?

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If you don't touch the "admin" account it will still be there.

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So what my systems that have NO CIFS, only FC?


How can I make this work for those or I have to create a data SVM with CIFS?


I'm learning more and more that NetApp really only uses LDAP for NFS authentication/access and not really for user access with AD.

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AD is Microsoft's implementation of LDAP.

In most cases people use AD for authentication because it's being widely used in the organization anyway. If you don't have AD-connected SVM on a cluster then yes, you need to create one and define it as domain tunnel. It's quick, easy and such an SVM does not even need to have any data volumes or shares defined (empty/dummy SVM, if you will).

Having said that, it seems like there is actually a way to talk to AD as any other LDAP and use it in a way that, as you pointed out correctly, is typically used for NFS. You might want to check this out. I never used it myself like that, though:

Re: LDAP Configuration

Thank @bkamil I was able to get much of my AD Authentication working. I simply now just need to create thjat dummy SVM for some systems that don't have an SVM running CIFS.


Thanks everyone else for their hlepful info as well!



Re: LDAP Configuration

@General  Thanks for the response! if you think any of the above reply have solved your issue then please consider markign it as solution so other can leverage it.