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I am planning to configure LS mirrors for root volumes of Vservers. We have a huge environment with SVMs hosting SAN-FC and NAS-NFS&CIFS. 


Please let me know if there will be any impact while configuring LS mirrors on production system. Do we need downtime if yes how much and what would be the Impact.


Its FAS8060 / 8.3.2P6 = 4 node cluster


Thanks in Advance 🙂


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Setting up LS mirrors does not need downtime. Please refer for more information.

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Re: LS Mirror

Something to consider is that changed export rules will not propogate until the LS mirror syncs - this means that there could be some delay in using new datastores or new hosts.


But in general - you do want the LS mirrors in place, in case of cluster partition you will still have some data service occuring.

Re: LS Mirror

Good point..I prefer using DP mirrors (there is a KB on doing that instead).. then you don't have to update the mirror after any change for users to see the namespace change.  The difference if you recover vsroot (never have had to do that) then you need to break the mirror and make-vsroot the volume instead of the single snapmirror promote command for LS mirrors.  If you have a snapmirror license, I prefer this method... also I just heard from support that the new best practice is we only need 2 vsroot mirrors regardless of number of nodes in the cluster, so a 12 node cluster doesn't need 12 mirrors per SVM anymore.

Re: LS Mirror

here is the kb article to restore vsroot from a DP mirror.  a reference in case you need official support...

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