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Lost admin password for grafana

Hi guys,


unfortunately we've lost our admin password for grafana.

Does anyone of you have an idea how to reset the password?


When I am trying to issue the command:  "grafana-cli admin reset-admin-password admin"

I'll get the following message: "Grafana-server Init Failed: Could not find config defaults, make sure homepath command line parameter is set or working directory is homepath"


Reset via email is also not possible.


We've done the installation like it is described in the Quick Start Guides of Christopher Madden.



Best regards



Re: Lost admin password for grafana

Hi guys,


I've found the solution.


Here's what I did:


1. Install sqlite3

server> sudo apt-get install sqlite3


2. login to the database

server>  sudo sqlite3 /var/lib/grafana/grafana.db


3. reset the admin password to "admin"
sqlite> update user set password = '59acf18b94d7eb0694c61e60ce44c110c7a683ac6a8f09580d626f90f4a242000746579358d77dd9e570e83fa24faa88a8a6', salt = 'F3FAxVm33R' where login = 'admin';
sqlite> .exit



Now you can login with

username: admin and

password: admin


Finally change your admin password.



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