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Mapping a VMware DataStore to a Volume

Likely a newbie question here but I am struggling trying to figure out how to determine a volume identity from a VMware datastore. That is, I want the end user to select a VMware datastore and then take some action on the underlying volume (snapshot). I can sort of see how to do this in cDOT (as there is a VC Volume from Datastore filter but there does not seem to be a similar filter for 7-mode)

Feels like it should be be straightforward (the Remove VMware datastore Workflow does it but I can't see how it does the magic...)




Re: Mapping a VMware DataStore to a Volume

Ok so spoilers but I have gone ahead and exported a new workflow from the updated Pirate Pack for VMware.  This workflow is very similar to what you are looking for.  Now the Filter that you are asking about was from a demo workflow that I shared with you offline but it is included in this workflow. 

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Re: Mapping a VMware DataStore to a Volume

Thanks Jeremy. That rocks. (I was soooo close).

Now to modify it for 7-mode!


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