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Metro Cluster Workflows

Before reinventing the wheel I thought I'd ping the community to see if anyone has done this already. I've been requested by a customer to create 3 new WFA workflows for their metro cluster. Not really knowing metro cluster I'm looking to lower the learning curve for this one. Below are the requests. If you've done any examples for things like this please let me know.



  1. Metrocluster – disk replacement – must contain logic which detects locality
  2. Metrocluster – negotiated failover / fail back for controlled DR testing
  3. Push button OCUM/PM reporting on a per-site / per-svm basis

Re: Metro Cluster Workflows


A workflow for metro cluster was done sometime ago.

Hope this helps you.




Re: Metro Cluster Workflows

Thanks for the reply but doesn't really apply here. That workflow is only for SnapMirror.
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