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Migrate Oncommand Host server

Any suggestions on how to move the host service from one server to a new one?

Tried installing Host package on new server and setting it up i Oncommand Web, but then all objects is shown twice. It's not possible to delete the old service because it's related to a dataset.


Re: Migrate Oncommand Host server

Have run into a similar situation, did you find a solution?

Have performed a complete OnCommand Core migration and trying to migrate the host services also, however the VM backup jobs are still trying to use the original HS server.

will a 'dfm hs unregister -f' work or would there be more steps involved?

Any help much appreciated.

Re: Migrate Oncommand Host server

Never received any help on the case created on Support site so went ahead and solved it myself.

Was able to "deassociate" storage systems with old host service. Then all objects related to old storage service was marked deleted in database. In the dataset I replaced the deleted object with the new ones. Then its was possible to delete the old host service.

Will try the 'dfm hs unregister -f' next time I need to move the host service if NetApp hasn't made a guide for it then.

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