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Modifying Asset Dashboard in OCI 7.0.2



Is there a way to get the default Asset Dashboard to exclude certain storage pools in its Top 10 utilized pools section, similar to applying a filter to exclude certain strings to a report, like in the reports one might make in Cognos/DWH(here, I'd exclude anything that's got aggr0 in the name)?  We have lots of 3-disk root aggrs that have nothing but just the root vol in them and they're typically at ~96% 






Re: Modifying Asset Dashboard in OCI 7.0.2

Hey Dew, This is a known limitation on OCI 7.0.x - you are not the first people to notice this. OCI 7.1.0 will have more customization capabilities for dashboards, but I am not sure if the default dashboard will be editable. When we return to work tomorrow (today is a federal holiday in the US), I will ask if we have a fix with this with OCI 7.1.0 Matt

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Re: Modifying Asset Dashboard in OCI 7.0.2

Thanks, Matt.  I do like the look, as well as the Storage Manager Dashboard in DWH, but this limitation essentially makes that part of the the Asset Dashboard useless since we have 10+ filers like that, and the list is nothing but the aggr0 now.  That's for anyone asking for feedback on the dashboard.  

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