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Monitor Space per Group in OpsMgr?

Is there a way I can monitor space per group in Operations Manager?  I created groups per customer and need to make sure they do not go over their limit for storage?  We don't want to put a hard limit but need alerts if they are getting near their limit or go over.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Paul Morris


Re: Monitor Space per Group in OpsMgr?


In regards to monitoring storage consumption for a group, you can use the Group Summary report (see attachment). It will show how much capacity has been allocated to the resource group, and how much of that capacity has been consumed.  You can also run the groups-bytes-usage report to view all groups at once.

C:\> dfm report view groups-bytes-usage
Object ID Group              Status  Contents   Used    Total    Used (%)
--------- ------------------ ------- ---------- ------- -------- --------
234       Aggregates         Warning 7 volumes  1289056  2865152     45.0
219       Configuration Mgmt Warning 22 volumes 5844496 44086524     13.3
233       LUNs               Normal  1 volume   1163348  2097152     55.5
330       My LUNS            Normal  2 volumes  1792256  3145728     57.0
218       Oracle DB          Normal  0 volumes
210       Site-A             Warning 7 volumes  1289056  2865152     45.0
211       Site-B             Normal  7 volumes  1606900  8517224     18.9
212       Site-C DR Location Normal  8 volumes  2948540 32704148      9.0
305       vFiler Config Mgmt Normal  5 volumes     1772   266240      0.7
217       VMware Datastores  Normal  0 volumes
235       Volumes and Qtrees Warning 2 volumes  1287640  2260992     57.0

However, to the best of my knowledge, there is no functionality for creating an alarm on a group's storage consumption. You are limited to capacity thresholds for physical objects (aggregates) or logical objects (volumes, qtrees and LUNs).  That being said, there is nothing stopping you from writing a script to notify you when a group exceeds a certain capacity utilization.  Ops Mgr can provide all of the information you need.  The script just needs to parse the information, compare it against some type of threshold, and send an e-mail if necessary.