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More on provisioned usable capacity

We recently upgraded from SANscreen 5 to 6, and in version 6 I  believe the IBM XIV reporting has been "fixed".  When an IBM XIV reports 1 GB, it is decimal (i.e. 1000 MB per GB, 1000 KB per MB, etc).  In version 5 of SANscreen it would report it as reported by the XIV.  In version 6 it appears to (correctly) change this to binary (i.e. 1024 MB per GB).  This is great, but it has caused a huge dip in my provisioned capacity report.  Hosts that SANscreen used to think had 1098 GB now correctly show as 1024 GB.

Is there a way for me to fix the old data in my reporting?  If I drop the DB and build from history will that fix it, or will it just re-acquire the bad data from SANscreen for pre v6?




Re: More on provisioned usable capacity

Rebuilding the db will just re-acquire the old data. There isn't a way today to manipulate old data as is in SANscreen

Potential options - filter the report so it only looks at recent data

Create a variant of the report with a filter that only looks at old data, and tweak it to attempt to adjust for the data (i.e, multiply values by (10003/10243 or somesuch)