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Move SMO Datasets to new OC server

Repeat post - IHAC that has SMO integrated with Protection Manager on an OC4.1 host with SV and SM relationships. They have a new OC 5.0 core server.

Is it possible to migrate the datasets / relationships into Protection Manager on the 5.0 server without having to recreate everything?


Re: Move SMO Datasets to new OC server


Upgrade from DFM 4.1 to OC 5.0 is a seamless. However if you have DFM 4.1 on one server and you are installing OC 5.0 server a fresh on another than you will need to take the DFM DB backup on 4.1 & restore it on OC 5.0 server.

In both cases the relationships should be preserved.

Also it is advisable to take the backup of DFM DB even if its in place upgrade on same server.



Re: Move SMO Datasets to new OC server

Hi Stephen,

     If I read it right, you mean to say DFM 4.0.1 and not 4.1 as there is no such version. These are the version history of DFM/OC.

  1. DFM 3.4
  2. DFM 3.5
  3. DFM 3.6
  4. DFM 3.7(3.7.x)
  5. DFM 3.8(3.8.x)
  6. DFM 4.0(4.0.x)
  7. OC 5.0