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Multiple dfpm_base snapshots on primary volume

We have several primary volumes which contain more then on dfpm_base snapshot.  Following is output from the "snap list" command on the primary volume which shows two dfm_base snapshot.  One dfm_base snapshot is current and the other is three days old:

tomcat # ssh fsxxxx snap list projxxxx

Volume projxxxx


  %/used       %/total  date          name

----------  ----------  ------------  --------

  3% ( 3%)    2% ( 2%)  May 07 09:15  2012-05-07_0915-0500_hourly_proj12000s_06

  3% ( 0%)    2% ( 0%)  May 07 08:15  2012-05-07_0815-0500_hourly_proj12000s_06

6% ( 0%)    4% ( 0%)  May 06 12:21  dfpm_base(proj12000s_06.53009)conn1.0 (busy,snapvault)

25% ( 6%)   17% ( 4%)  May 03 16:31  dfpm_base(proj12000s_06.53009)conn1.1 (busy,snapvault)

Can someone please advice me on how we can clear up this issue with multiple dfm_base snapshots.  We are using protection manger running under oncommand 5..0.1.

Thank you,

Kenny H


Re: Multiple dfpm_base snapshots on primary volume

Hi Kenny,

What is the retention level specified in the policy? To get more details could you please run following commands and provide the output:

On the DFM server:

dfpm dataset list -x <Name_of_the_dataset_where_you_are_having_problems>

dfpm policy node get "<Name_of_the_protection_policy_associated_to_the_Dataset>" and

DFM diag

dfpm backup list <dataset_name_or_id>

And on the controller run:

snap list <The_primary_Volume_where_PM_Snapshots_are_not_getting_Deleted>



Multiple dfpm_base snapshots on primary volume

Hi Amirm,

I apologize for not having replied earlier.  The protection manager system seems have to corrected the issue of two dfm_base snapshots on the primary volume.  It looks as though there was a considerable amount of lag in the snapvault transfer from the primary to the secondary which was causing two dfm_base snaphosts to exist on the primary volume.  The older dfm_base snapshot was removed once the snapvault transfer completed.


Kenny H