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NMC not showing aggregate data

We've added new disk shelf to the existing controllers and created two new aggregates. I can see these aggregates under physical view, but if I unfold them, there are no plexes and raid groups (everything's fine for two other aggregates). Additionally, I see only partial performance data. "Throughput in Blocks/sec" graph shows data, but "Top disks by disk_busy" is empty and says "No data is currently available for chart".

Do I need add these new aggregates somewhere in DFM (4.0) or performance and topology data should show up automatically?


Re: NMC not showing aggregate data

I tried to refresh host from the NMC -> Manage Data -> Hosts -> Storage Systems. I tried "dfm host discover filer_name". I tired Operations Manager -> Member Details -> Physical Systems -> Monitoring -> Refresh. I checked connectivity by calling "dfm host diag filer_name":

Performance Advisor Checklist

perfAdvisorEnabled     Passed

hostType               Passed

hostRevision           Passed

hostLogin              Passed

perfAdvisorTransport   Passed

I cannot test SNMPv3, because the password for the system is less than 8 characters (customer site). I'm out of ideas.

Re: NMC not showing aggregate data

I've checked the dfmmonitor logs and here what I see:

May 14 15:26:44 [DFMMonitor:ERROR]: [1068:0x1580]: Error in INSERT INTO disks ( DiskName,  DiskRPM,  DiskId,  DiskPort,  DiskTotalBlocks,  DiskAdapter,  DiskUsedMB,  DiskBay,  DiskVolume,  DiskSecondaryDiskPort,  hostId,  DiskShelf,  DiskModel,  DiskScsiId,  DiskGroup,  DiskTotalMB,  DiskStatus,  DiskType,  DiskDiskNumber,  diskRole,  DiskSecondaryDiskName,  DiskGroupNumber,  DiskUsedBlocks,  DiskCompletionPerCent,  diskUniqueId) VALUES (  'data disk 2d.10.7',  '15000',  '7274497',  '1',  '-822052480',  '2d',  '1695446',  '7',  '1',  '2',  '75',  '10',  'ST2000NM0011SM',  '121',  '1',  '1695759',  '1',  'BSAS',  '11',  'data',  '2a.10.7',  '1',  '-822693376',  '0',  2194): (-158) [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Value '-822052480' out of range for destination

May 14 15:26:44 [DFMMonitor:ERROR]: [1068:0x1580]: Error inserting disk data disk 2d.10.7for host filer_name (75)[Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Value '-822052480' out of range for destination

My guess is that that Operations Manager 4.0 doesn't support large disks. It's 1.6TB SAS drives and given that aggregates with smaller drives show up just fine it's a dumb overflow issue for DiskTotalBlocks and DiskUsedBlocks fields.

Can somebody confirm my findings?

Re: NMC not showing aggregate data

Hi Kem,

You found the solution for your problem. Any release older than 4.0.2 doesnot recognize disk above 1TB. Refer this Bugs Online

Minimum to solve this issue you will have to upgrade to 4.0.2 or 4.0.2D12 the last release in 4.0.x code line.

I strongly recommend you to upgrade to 5.1/5.2RC1



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Re: NMC not showing aggregate data

We've upgraded to 5.1, rediscovered the host and now everything's working as expected. Thanks for the help.

Re: NMC not showing aggregate data

Hi Kem,

     We just changed our Release model from FCS to GA to RC to GA to align with same release model as ONTAP.

The RC version has undergone the same process as what a FCS goes through. Also there is some amazing features in 5.2 related to maintenance of the db which will help you in

getting stale data entries removed and they by giving you performance improvement.

I still strongly recommend you to upgrade to 5.2 RC1.



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