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Re: NaBox C-Mode FPolicy Stats

I'm going to be that annoying Noob! So, looking at the logs on system I can see that its using the following template for my Cluster  namely /opt/netapp-harvest/template/default/cdot-9.3.0.conf. So, I added the perl lins you kindly posted and restarted the system and have waited several polling intervals but in the graphite browser I canot see these metrics anywhere Man Frustrated Might you point me in the right direction here please? 

Re: NaBox C-Mode FPolicy Stats

Ignore my last post! I was being lazy and should have fully read the admin guide before posting (apologies for being annoying!) Man Tongue. I should have put any custom polling into a new file in the templates folder and modified the poller config file to use this config file along with the default template. I had added this new counter object to the default config but alos just pasted it in thus breaking the config as there can only be one %poller section per config file it seems! That was basic from me.


All working now! Thanks so much for the help guys.