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Need some help!!

I am not a Storage Administrator I work Red Hat servers and systems. However, since I am "IT" it is now in my lane to work the issues. I was experiencing issues with the snapshots building up and being a 6-800% on all my /vol ,snapshots. I have since set the ones to autodelete on that were set to off. I deleted ALL snapshots.


on my SC1 my aggr0 is at 95% and aggr1 100%


and on my SC2 aggr0 is at 95%, aggr1 98% and aggr2 97%.


All the aggregates /.snapshot is 0%.


My version is NetApp release 8.2.2 7-Mode NetApp DS 4243 DS 4246. All command line since I cannot seem to get the GUI to work via Firefox.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


I do show SIS errors where SIS is requesting 4kb of space and only 1kb available. Like I said I am new to NetApp. And the Case number for this is 2007726187, but since I am DOD it is assigned to a secured team for support. But I do not think I need onsite engineer support from NetApp. Never needed it for HP, Windows, VMware, Red Hat, Pure Storage etc.




Re: Need some help!!


Your aggregates are full / almost full and this is never good on a NetApp system.

Aggregate level snapshots are at 0%, but it doesn't mean your volume level snapshots are not using any space. You can look at df output to see space utilisation broken down per each volume and its snapshot (you can post it here if it isn't very long).

SIS is a deduplication process, which most likely can't complete due to lack of space within the aggregate.

Re: Need some help!!

Ok, let me see if I can try to assist you.


100% aggr is very bad..


Are all your vols snapshot reserve to to zero or do you have a reserve.  Are all your volumes thin provisioned?

Why do you have so many snaps? 


Sis is your dedup, not snaps. 


snap reserve

snap sched

vol status (look for guarantee = none)


You're going to need to SSH into it to see some data

Re: Need some help!!

df shows


all volume .snapshots are at 0%. Theses use to be over 4,5 and 600 percent. But I did delete them all. could they still be stored on the aggregates?


sc1 /vol/vol0/ 0% capacity

sc1 /vol/vol0/.snapshot is 0%

sc1 /vol/data/ 73%

sc1 /vol/data/.snapshot 0%


sc2 /vol/vol0 0%

sc2 /vol/vol0/.snapshot 0%

sc2 /vol/events1/ 80%

sc2 /vol/events1/.snapshot 0%

sc2 /vol/events2/ 65%

sc2 /vol/events2/.snapshot 1%

sc2 /vol/tmp_storage/ 19%

sc2 /vol/temp_strorage/.snapshot 0%


Hope this helps


Re: Need some help!!

Are all your vols snapshot reserve to to zero or do you have a reserve.  Are all your volumes thin provisioned? Not sure on that at all.


Why do you have so many snaps? Unknown. I could not tell you at all


Sis is your dedup, not snaps. 


snap reserve set to 5% on all

snap sched set to 0 2 6@8, 12, 16, 20

vol status (look for guarantee = none) shows

sc1 vol0 raid_dp, flex, 64 bit           root, create_ucode=on

sc1 data raid_dp, flex, sis, 64 bit           create_ucode=on, convert_ucode=on


sc2 vol0 raid_dp, flex, 64 bit     root, create_ucode=on

sc2 events1 raid_dp, flex, degraded, sis 64 bit     create_ucode=on, convert_ucode=on

sc2 events2 raid_dp, flex, sis 64 bit     create_ucode=on, convert_ucode=on

sc2 temp_storage raid_dp, flex, sis 64 bit     create_ucode=on, convert_ucode=on


All of themn say online

Re: Need some help!!

Deleting all your snaps is not a good idea, especially if you don't know exactly what you are doing on Netapp.


I would only delete the snapshots to save production, which sounds like you might have done inadvertly.


After deleting your snaps are your aggrs still 100%.


Also do

priv set adv

sis stat



Re: Need some help!!

Yeah I was told to run snap delete -a I think and delete all snapshots.


Aggregates are still 95-100% I beleive the aggregates were not that high prior to deleting volume snapshots.


priv set adv did not work but priv set diag did


sis stat shows the following

sc1 /vol/data    40TB allocated     Saving 143GB   %Saved is 0%


sc2 /vol/events1    45TB allocated     Saving 361GB   %Saved is 0%

sc2 /vol/events2    27TB allocated     Saving 2848GB   %Saved is 9%

sc2 /vol/temp_storage     911GB allocated     Saving 1566GB   %Saved is 063%

Re: Need some help!!

Make sure your snapshots are off at the aggr level


snap sched -A



Re: Need some help!!

They are currently on. But snap list -A shows 2% and 3% max. Is it possible when I deleted the volume snapshots that were over 500, 600 and 700% that they are somehow still being stored at the aggregate level?


Re: Need some help!!

I am unsure how to turn off the snapshots on the Aggregates.


Also, SIS keeps getting and error but the NetApp tech support said I should never use disk compression or inline deduplication since I have HDD spin disks and not SSD's.


I do believe inline compression is on though, not sure about inline deduplication.