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NetAPP HDD part number

So we have been checking out some NetAPP monitoring tools, and have download OnCommand Performance Monitor.


it reported a problem with a disk, it is not reported with the friendly name..


This is how it showed up..




Our environment is 8040 with CDOT 8.2.1.


I have not been able to figure out how to decode this to a friendly name?


Re: NetAPP HDD part number



We have reached out to our ONTAP team to understand what this message means and possibly translated this into user friendly name.

I will reach out to you when we have a resolution.


Many thanks.

-Avijit Sikder

Product Manager

OnCommand Performance Manager

Re: NetAPP HDD part number



This is Simon from OPM Dev team. DISK_HDD_value_7200SATA4T_01_fd07331f-3a6d-4f09-8973-2817f0ad4338 is usually a QoS service center that represents the HDD part of an aggregate. In the OPM UI, it should be translated to an aggregate name. Could you please share a screenshot of where this name showed up on the OPM UI?






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