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NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released

We are happy to announce that Harvest 1.4.1 is released!


You can download the new release from ToolChest. Main updates are:

- Harvest will accept older templates, no need to rename them manually

- Harvest will aggregate FlexGroup volume counters

- We also added a new dashboard in Grafana for FlexGroup counters.


As we continue to develop Harvest, your feedback is much appreciated. If you use Harvest, please share with us:

- What issues do you face when installing Harvest?

- Any bugs you noticed in Harvest? What makes you happy or unhappy when using Harvest?


And last but not least: what new features do you think we should add to the next release of Harvest? We ask for your feedback because we want to work on features that many of you need.


I look forward to your feedback!



- Vachagan


Re: NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released

Hey @vachagan_gratian,


I was trying the brand new version, and had to slightly patch the new grafana dashboard for flexgroups:



Basically some datasources still have refs to "Graphite" I guess it's your testing environment, and some prefiled values for the template variables.


Other than that no other issues observed, thanks for keeping Harvest alive!



Re: NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released

I ran into an issue with nabox. after upgrading the harvest it seemed to disappear. connecting to the server via ssh showed an error message regarding permissions in a certain path. long story short after chmoding two files (netapp-worker) and another one it seemed to work again but weird

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released

Hi Pablo,


You are right! Thanks a lot for pointing this out, I'll make sure to correct this and update the package.

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released

Hmm, this shouldn't happen... Did you use the web interface to upgrade Harvest? Because I tested that and everything was ok (both netapp-manager and netapp-worker are executable). And which version of NAbox do you have?


Thanks, V.

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released

We have 1.4.1 running  against about 80 heads  7-mode and cdot 


We upgradesd multiple  cdot clusters to 9.3P8 and now ethernet graphs are empty while all other graphs seem to work??

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released

@vachagan_gratian is this new harvest tested with release 9.4.P3?


We did an upgrade to our old monitoring system after upgrading to 9.4P3, now it's just this:

  • NAbox 2.5b
  • NMSDK 9.4
  • Harvest 1.4.1
But we are not able to connect to our cluster in that version (while the rest of them are working like a charm) because we are getting this error:
[WARNING] [sysinfo] Update of system-info cache DOT Version failed with reason: in Zapi::invoke, cannot connect to socket
We just tried cloning the template from the last cDOT 9.3.0 but it seems like a dead end here, anything else to give it a try?
Best regards.

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released

Hi Vachagan,

We've created FlexGroup volumes on ontap 9.4P2 recenty. However we don’t have insight into the space used by the FlexGroups in Harvest 1.4. All I could find is some basic performance data of the FlexGroup and some additional on its constituents. The capacity counters do not pull up any volumes related to FlexgGoups at all. Would like to know if Harvest 1.4.1 does provide the insight into the space used by the FlexGroup volumes? Thanks 

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 released



Sorry, apparently I'd missed your question.

In 1.4.1 we have a new dashboard for FlexGroup volumes (we don't have much insights, though, mainly latency, I/Os and Throughput). Did you try 1.4.1?


if there is any other specific counters that you would like to see in this dashboard, let me know, maybe we'll add them in 1.5.

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