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NetApp Harvest 1.6


I see a few dashboards with Storage/Aggr utilization (space, not performance) but all of my graphs are all empty. Does the Harvest come with a cluster/node level summary of Storage Capacity Utilization % and/or TB.


Re: NetApp Harvest 1.6

Hi israelmmi,

Do you have an OCUM poller setup? If yes, any errors/warnings in the logs?

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.6

Nope. Looked at the log from today/yesterday and there is nothing.

VolumeCapacity.pngSee attached screenshot.





Is there a way I can debug or test?

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.6

You'll need either to setup OCUM  to collect capacity counters or you can try out the extension from the recent updater. Let me know if you need help with that.

Re: NetApp Harvest 1.6

I just ran the updater. Trying to get it to work. But I see the updater gave us two new dashboards. Will that also update the data in the previous dashboards (from the 1.6 harvest which weren't updated)


Regarding OCUM, we are running ActiveIQ. Does that integrate with it?

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