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NetApp Harvest : Data-List Update Failed



I am using NetApp harvest with influxdb and facing the issue where for few objects data-list update gets failed. 


[2019-01-02 11:20:18] [WARNING] [nfsvX:node] update of data cache failed with reason: Aggregated instances requested for the nfsvX:node object exceeds the data capacity of the performance subsystem, because it includes 15264 constituent instances. With the current counter set, use the -node, -vserver, or -filter flags to include at most 11692 constituent instances in order to stay within the data capacity. Alternatively, requesting fewer counters will also reduce the required data and may allow more instances to be requested.


At first look this looks like a error where harvest is not able to scale to all volume objects in the cluster. Has anyone seen this error before? 


Any help is appreciated.




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