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NetApp Harvest backup



I would like to backup my data of NetApp Harvest.

What folder must I backup ? 




Re: NetApp Harvest backup

What data are you looking to backup?  The statistics collected by Harvest are not stored in any Harvest directory.  They are saved in the Graphite database which is located under /var/lib/carbon/whisper by default.  In my environment, I created an iSCSI LUN from an ONTAP cluster and mounted it under /var/lib/carbon/whisper.  That way my Graphite data is protected.




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Re: NetApp Harvest backup

Oki find in this folder "/var/lib/docker/volumes" many file (21 Go) What is it ?


Example : 


30M 7519904b29de8619060693a700cf040d954296ae3c0f9f4b0ca4e99022511543
7,1G 78ab97056732764d94dbb22024f6716b581bfbf8a6323973663a329e9b065d20

Re: NetApp Harvest backup

Ah, I see why you are asking now.  Are you running the NAbox OVA?  I am not.  Nevertheless there should be local directory that at the top level it has subdirs "carbon" and "netapp" inside that directory structure are all the Graphite database files (its a pretty deep directory structure).  Those are the files that actually contain all the performance information collected by the Harvest pollers.  If you wanted to back up Graphite data, then that would be the data to back up.



Re: NetApp Harvest backup




The directory /var/lib/docker/volumes typically contains Docker volumes.  Run "docker volume ls" and you should see them.  @yannb maintains nabox so maybe he knows what is run in containers?


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Re: NetApp Harvest backup

NAbox doesn't use docker.


Can you tell us how you installed Harvest and the Graphite database?

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