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NetApp Nabox: adding storage systems to harvest



we are using Nabox. We would like to add new NetApp Systems automated into the NaBox in detail in harvest. Is there a way to do that?


Could it be done via modifying the netapp-harvest.conf in /opt/netapp-harvest/ ?

-->> 17.02 well yes 🙂 but i need to copy the file below /opt/conf/harvest and /opt/netapp-harvest, also creating a perf_hostname.conf file.


Still thankful for other ideas. 🙂


Thank you very much

cheers Soeren


Re: NetApp Nabox: adding storage systems to harvest



There is a REST api available for NAbox, but it is not documented. It basically takes the same arguments as what you provide using the "nabox" cli once logged in as root.


You can also manually create configuration files in the /opt/conf/harvest directory. You must create one per system and respect the file naming convention so the interface is not confused.


Once you created the file, you can inject them in the main Harvest config file with the following command :


nabox harvest update-startup

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Re: NetApp Nabox: adding storage systems to harvest

thank you for the hint with the rest-api, the way over the config files and starting the workes i found before. 🙂 thanks.

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