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NetApp Performance Manager recovery notifications?

Is there any way to receive an email notification once an alert recovers (becomes obsolete?)


Unfortunately the login page for NetApp Performance Manager doesn't work so great on my phone (LastPass can't autofill, and I can't paste our password there either), so logging in to check an alert is a real pain.


The alert settings don't seem to have an option for recoveries but I figured I'd ask in case I'm missing something, or if this can be added as a feature request.






Re: NetApp Performance Manager recovery notifications?

The feature you are asking about is present in the OnCommand Unified Manager.  While OPM will send basic messages on performance, the more advanced handling of events and responses is wholly in OCUM by design.


You can deploy OCUM, connect OCUM with one or more OPMs, and then export events from OPM to OCUM where the "new" alert as well as the "obsolete" alert messages are handled.



I hope this helps you.


Bob Greenwald

Lead Storage Engineer

Huron Legal | Huron Consulting Group

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