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NetApp Report Server - History-Based Reports


We deployed the NetApp Report Server earlier this year and I am just getting around to deployment.  I am trying to create a report that shows growth of our aggregates over time, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it.  All of the pre-packaged "growth" reports just show the current growth rate rather than the actual data over time.  I have looked at the IBM advanced report creator tool as well and I still cannot figure it out.  Any ideas?


Re: NetApp Report Server - History-Based Reports



I have exactly the same problem.


With OCUM for 7-mode it is possible to get these graphs for the time-frame that you specify.


However in OCUM 6.2 for clustered ontap I do find one little graph per week/month or year per aggregate.

However it's not possible to configure your own timespan.



Re: NetApp Report Server - History-Based Reports

Thanks for the reply.  We ended up not really using the Report Server since it is not supported anymore later this year, and we are moving to cdot anyway.

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