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NetApp harvest with influxdb

I am trying to view the Harvest collected data with grafana AND our influxdb backend instead of a real graphite.

Influx has a graphite interface that I use to send data but my problem is that I cannot do proper templating in grafana....the provided .json dashboards have templating already definded in a way influx doesn't understand.

Anyone already successfull in changing the templating in grafana for those dashboards so they work ? Do I have to use the templates in influxdb.conf to make it work (kind of map) ?



Re: NetApp harvest with influxdb

Hi @achristen


Influxdb uses a totally different technique than Graphite to store and query data.  The dashboards provided by Harvest are built for use with a Graphite backend and won't work with other backends. But, since Grafana supports both Graphite and Influxdb you could just use Graphite for Harvest supplied data and Influxdb for the rest and  make combined dashboards using both backends as needed.


Sorry I don't have a solution for you but each time-series database out there (and there are more...prometheus, opentdsb, elasticsearch, etc) is different and creating and maintaining something for all, with the breadth of coverage Harvest currently has, would be very time consuming!



Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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Re: NetApp harvest with influxdb

I have now successfully implemented Harvest with InfluxDB. Configured Influx to listen on another port to accept Graphite-style Input, no further config/templating was necessary there.

I used the provided Dashboards as templates in Grafana, edited them to make them work with Influx...especially Templating and RegEx was different and a bit of a headache :-)


Happy to have Perf-Data now in Grafana using InfluxDB. 

BTW, Updating from Influx 1.0 to 1.2 was a huge performance boost for the graphite-style queries.


Re: NetApp harvest with influxdb

Hi @achristen


I could also able to make the harvest data to InfluxDB successfully. But, stuck with Grafana dashboard[like Chris's rich dashboard based on graphite] creations from InfluxDB as datasource. Would appreciate if you could share[interested in case] the json of the dashboards which you had created for influxdb.



Ramesh S

Re: NetApp harvest with influxdb


I'm also interested by your work. If it can save us the headache part, it would be great if you could share the influx style dashboards.

Re: NetApp harvest with influxdb


Would also love to have the Influxdb dashbaords and queries!


Kind regards,

Martijn Moret

Re: NetApp harvest with influxdb



Could you show your annotation or an example json file for queries to influx?

Or send me an mail, with your solutions.


Thanks in advance,



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