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New Disk Model for OCI 6.4.3


I need to add a new disk model to the new disk model file.  Not a big deal, I've done that before, but I've hit a small speed bump.  This is a FLASH drive, specifically a FAST VP drive that does not have an RPM associated with.  One of the required fields is the RPM of the disk.  Is there a way around this?  Can we leave that field empty? 

Here is the current string:

P410M200CLAR200,MICRON,P410M200CLAR200,<there is no RPM associated with FAST VP drive>,200,SAS,,,,




Re: New Disk Model for OCI 6.4.3

Put 1000000 in for SSD. When you define the type as SSD, the OCI UI is smart enough to display a blank field for RPM

Re: New Disk Model for OCI 6.4.3

Ah, Ok.  Should I change that from SAS to SSD then?  I know it's coming up as SAS in Unisphere and on the Vendor site.

Re: New Disk Model for OCI 6.4.3

If it is a SSD, SSD is the best bet as that is the only way to discern in OCI SSD versus non-SSD

Re: New Disk Model for OCI 6.4.3

Well, I added the RPM and it seems happy for the moment.  OCI is reporting it as SSD in the "Type" field of the Disks microview. 

Thanks again!

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