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New Disk Type -- SLTN0900S5XNE010

Any ideas what this one might be?  It showed up on an 3PAR on one of our remote sites, and I need to get this configured in their new disks file.  I saw someone else posting here on disk types, so I figured it was worth a shot to ask.

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Re: New Disk Type -- SLTN0900S5XNE010

Hey Amy,

We haven't run into this, but I'd like to review the datasource recording to see if we can extract anything from it. If this OCI instance is sending OCI ASUP, PM me the datasource name and OCI instance name so I can take a look. I don't seem to see any 3par in any of the data from last week


Re: New Disk Type -- SLTN0900S5XNE010

Sorry for the slow response.  I got pulled away for another project for a couple weeks.  Luck would have it that an HP guy was onsite yesterday.  Here's what I ended up using for disk information:



I'll include you on the email when I send the rest of the disk information.  I'm currently working on a case with Jim K. and I promised to send him the details as well in case you haven't incorporated the drive information in the product yet.

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