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New OCUM 6.0 install, cannot add clusters


As subject suggests, we're unable to add clusters to a newly installed OCUM 6.0 instance.

22 hours after providing IP address and credentials for the first cluster, the dashboard only contains a status message:

"Cluster add operation might take a few minutes.

The event  Cluster Add Failed is raised in case of failure."

Any suggestions how to trouble shoot further?

Thanks in advance,



Re: New OCUM 6.0 install, cannot add clusters

Hi Erik,

Please open a support case and attach a support bundle from your UM server.

Generate a Support Bundle by choosing, from the Main Menu, Support/Diagnostics -> Generate a Support Bundle. This Support Bundle must be retrieved manually using SCP or SFTP with maintenance user credentials. See the Administration Guide for details.



Re: New OCUM 6.0 install, cannot add clusters

Thanks Kevin,

Already have a case# 2004696642 open...

Will ask my customer to generate and attach a support bundle since I am no longer onsite.


Re: New OCUM 6.0 install, cannot add clusters

Hi Erik,

Are you getting cluster fail event..? if yes could you please navigate to event detail page by clicking on event link on event grid. Event detail page has "Trigger condition" field, could you please check this field, this field will tell why cluster add is failed.



Re: New OCUM 6.0 install, cannot add clusters

Hi Gireesh,

Thanks for your reply. The issue is more that the addition of the clusters gets stuck, it doesn't complete successfully nor failed.


Re: New OCUM 6.0 install, cannot add clusters


The source of the problem is nailed down.

From the log bundle, in "oncommand-acquisition-logs-acq.log":

2013-11-25 17:20:55,580 ERROR [main] com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.Main ( - Main - failed to start services: Failed to start acquisition - Failed to connect to server for 900 seconds


Caused by: org.jboss.remoting.CannotConnectException: Can not connect http client invoker after 1 attempt(s)

        at org.jboss.remoting.transport.http.HTTPClientInvoker.makeInvocation(


Caused by: No trusted certificate found

        at Source)

Customer had installed his own certificate and while it worked and was trusted in his browser, the internals of OCUM wasn't liking it.

After generating a new self-signed from within OPM, the clusters appeared without any intervention, the acquisition finished.

My gut feel is there's an intermediate CA certificate missing and then the question is how you manage those on OCUM.


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