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No free space in volume


we try to get familiar with our new netapp 3120. So my question might be a little stubid, don't know.

We have several volumes and only one LUN in each volume. The LUN is a bit smaller than the volume, so the space overview shoes f.e. this:

94% is used by the LUN, 94.09GB free space.

We enabled storage efficiency on two volumes and it worked fine since yesterday.

One big volume (7.5TB) has one LUN with 6.5TB. But the volume shows 100% used space:

100% is used by the LUN (?).

When I increase the volume nothing happens, it's allways 100% used.

We configured no snapshots, no thin provisioning and no compression. Only Dedub on this volume and on another one. The other one is working fine, this one doesn't.

Has anybody an idea whats going wrong with our configuration?

Thanks in advance




Re: No free space in volume

Can you get us the output from cli df -h and the screen shot of what you are describing ?



Re: No free space in volume

Hi Adai,


df -h

Filesystem                                                     total         used                   avail        capacity       Mounted on 

/vol/vol0/                                                       137GB       4475MB          133GB                3%       /vol/vol0/

/vol/vol0/.snapshot                                       7424MB        412MB         7011MB                6%       /vol/vol0/.snapshot

/vol/VOL1_Windows_Hosts/                         7680GB       7680GB              0GB            100%       /vol/VOL1_Windows_Hosts/

/vol/VOL1_Windows_Hosts/.snapshot                0TB              0TB              0TB               ---%       /vol/VOL1_Windows_Hosts/.snapshot

/vol/VOL2_Linux_Hosts/                              1228GB       1210GB            18GB               99%       /vol/VOL2_Linux_Hosts/

/vol/VOL2_Linux_Hosts/.snapshot                     0TB             0TB               0TB               ---%       /vol/VOL2_Linux_Hosts/.snapshot

Thanks and regards


Re: No free space in volume

Hi Adai,

I think we've got a solution!

The parameter "fractional_reserve" was 100%. After decreasing this parameter to 5% everything is fine. At this time we do not work with snapshots, so we will correct this parameter later on.

Thanks for thinking about our problem!



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