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Non-interactive row repetition for inode increase

Greetings, WFA community,


I'm trying to create a workflow that will run non-interactively every night to increase inodes on volumes that have hit a usage threshold.  I've built a filter that successfully finds all of the affected volumes, and it's used in the row repetition for the Maximum File Count command.  However, I don't seem to be using the repetition variables correctly because it always prompts for the volume input when I do a preview.  Attached pics show the workflow, row repetition variable and attributes, Maximum File Count parameters, and preview.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.





Re: Non-interactive row repetition for inode increase

Never mind, figured out my problem.  But also encountered another problem where some commands still execute even which row repetition filter returns nothing, so looking into the no-op test for that.



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