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Not able to receive weekly logs?


We are using the NetApp Release and intially when we have configured the autosupport, we use to receive the weekly logs from filers but all of the sudden couple of filers stopped sending the weekly logs.

I have troubleshooted by sending the testing mail using options auotsupport.doit "test node1" from other 2 filers and was able to receive the testing mail to my id. So not sure what am i missing up here or that has been changed which has stopped sending mails.

Checked the options and those are same as that of the working filer.

Any suggestions will be great.




Re: Not able to receive weekly logs?

I recommend going into System Manager 2.1 ( and changing the autosupport configuration to http and see if thayt works. If it does, then go back into Systme Manager ans change it back to SMTP and re-check your mail host configuration.Also check your autosupport on the followng link and see if the system is submitting to NetApp.

Check out the KB!
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