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Notifications/Reminders in OCSM

How do we clear or acknowledge the event(s) in the Notifications/Reminders pane (assuming the error has been corrected)?


Re: Notifications/Reminders in OCSM

You don't need to clear or acknowledge notifications explicitly ( rather you can't ) . Once the error is corrected, the notifications or reminders will automatically disappear from the pane.

Re: Notifications/Reminders in OCSM



we still have an Entry in the System Manager Notifications/Reminders "Critical: Temperature is over tresholds" on Thurday , 09.07.2015


But The last high temperature Entry was

Tue Jul  7 20:43:06 CEST [DECSS00DFHT02:monitor.chassisTemperature.warm:ALERT]: Chassis temperature is too warm: In Flow Temp is warning high (48 C).


Is there really no way to clear the Logfile(entry) ?


Thanks in advance








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