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OCI 7.1.1 Error message - "Unknown Director Type"


Curious about an acquisition error that we are getting for two Symmetrix arrays that I haven't seen before:


"Unknown Director Type :Unknown"


I tried to search for this in the KB, but I might be missing it.  Any thoughts?





Re: OCI 7.1.1 Error message - "Unknown Director Type"

Hey Julia,


Something slightly funky with one of your arrays, and the RDF director information.


I have taken your OCI datasource recording, and tried simulating it with OCI 7.1.2, and the post 7.1.2 Symmetrix datasource patch - neither changes the failure condition on the problematic array.


Open a support case, and tell them this is engineering issue ICI-3438 (which I just opened on your behalf), and that I tried simulating this recording on 7.1.2 and the latest 7.1.2 patch, and neither helped.



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Re: OCI 7.1.1 Error message - "Unknown Director Type"

Very good to know, thanks!  I'll get a case opened today.


We will be upgrading to 7.1.2 after the new year.



Thanks again!


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