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OCI 7.2.1 Query Widgets broken?

Got the new 7.2.1 OCI installed and I've been playing with the new features. I like all of what I see but I've encountered an odd problem where the dashboard widgets based on queries don't seem to work. This a known issue or should this actually be working?


Canned widgets still work fine but any style of query widget I attempt I just end up with spinning wheels.



Re: OCI 7.2.1 Query Widgets broken?

This is the first I have heard of this problem - I was just at a partner over the past two days, and had a mix of people on Macs and Windows using Safari / Chrome / IE / Firefox and were not having any problems with the queries rendering.


I don't have much of a playbook for troubleshooting this yet - when I get to the office, I will rattle a few cages for you



Re: OCI 7.2.1 Query Widgets broken?

Now that you mention it I tried chrome and it appears to be a browser issue. The widgets render fine when I'm not in IE.

Our corprate IE version is 11.0.9600.18282





Re: OCI 7.2.1 Query Widgets broken?

Curious - have any of your coworkers tried on their machines with the same version of IE? Do they see the same behavior?

Re: OCI 7.2.1 Query Widgets broken?

I just started testing new features yesterday so I haven't passed it around yet. I'll check other systems and browsers to see if I can narrow down the problem. Good to know it's definitely just a presentation issue though and not something with the query engine.


(totally wierd that the standard widgets all render fine in IE) 😉

Re: OCI 7.2.1 Query Widgets broken?

strange... it was just my installation of IE. other users were able to get the query's to render.

nuked my browser history/cookies/temp etc.. and it started rendering the query graphs so I'm back in business.


Something different in the way the queries render compared to the static widgets that was getting messed with by an old 7.1.1 cookie?

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