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OCI 7.2.1 Upgrade Breaks Reporting Portal

Hey All -


I just performed an upgrade from OCI 7.1.3 to 7.2.1.  I have follwed the instructions explicitly and done all of the restores.  Everything is working fine (Console, UI, RAU's, etc) except the DWH Reporting Portal.


I was looking through logs and other files and nothing went wrong.


Once thing I did notice is that the setup.xml for 7.1.3 is a bit different than 7.2.1, especially when it comes to the cognos.rebranding portion of the installation.  I am getting the feeling this is a bug/issue.


I can access the reporting portal via a backend URL and I see all of my data, just using the Cognos UI, the jboss /reporting servlet does not work.


Has anyone else seen this issue, any advice?


Re: OCI 7.2.1 Upgrade Breaks Reporting Portal

How are you accessing the reporting portal?


Are you clicking a link, or entering a URL?



Re: OCI 7.2.1 Upgrade Breaks Reporting Portal



When I am logged into the https://<servername>/dwh site (which works), the reporting portal link used to point at:




Now the URL it generates is:




Which does not work at all due to error: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG


If I make the URL




It works with an IBM branded Cognos webapp, showing all of my DWH data.  So I know the data is there, the branding part is the issue.



If I manually type the /reporting url it does not work, in the deploy folder the entire "reporting.war" servlet is missing.



If you see the two attached setup.xml files you will notice the version of the file from the 7.2.x install is missing a huge section related to the cognos rebranding, specifically the reporting.war creation.





Re: OCI 7.2.1 Upgrade Breaks Reporting Portal

Are you accessing these port 9300 URLs directly, or is your system configured to use a web proxy?

Re: OCI 7.2.1 Upgrade Breaks Reporting Portal

No proxy.  This is directly on the box itself.

Re: OCI 7.2.1 Upgrade Breaks Reporting Portal

I can't seem to attach files...


If you take a look at the diff between


sanscreen\bin\setup.xml (v7.1.3)
sanscreen\bin\setup.xml (v7.2.1)


You will see the massive block of code missing in the <target name="rebranding.cognos"> section.

Re: OCI 7.2.1 Upgrade Breaks Reporting Portal

This may well be true - we have de-emphasized the amount of Cognos rebranding we do in OCI 7.2.x.


The reporting portal is directly on the port 9300 URL in OCI 7.2.x.


What I am concerned about is the SSL error you get by accessing the URL via https. I don't understand why things seem to work when you use a http url to access that port, I cannot access that URL via http (as opposed to https) in my lab

Re: OCI 7.2.1 Upgrade Breaks Reporting Portal

I am doing a complete fresh install and will report back.


Just to be clear - the IBM branding and port 9300 url access on the reporting portal is correct?  If so, this should probably be mentioned in the release notes.

Re: OCI 7.2.1 Upgrade Breaks Reporting Portal

FYI I just did a clean wipe of 7.1.1 and put on 7.2.1 (I never trust the upgrades), backups loaded fine and I've got no issues with Cognos.

I get an IBM branded login and completely IBM branded cognos interface.


Something may have gone wrong in your install.

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