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OCI 7.2 with HDS HiCommand sources

I am moving my POC installation to PROD and want to either exclude a bunch of arrays in HiCommand, or Include only the Arrays I want to collect on.  However the Advanced options do not seem to do anything when I attempt to exclude a list, and when I try to collect on an include list it fails outright.  It looks like I am supposed to use the array name but that doesn't seem to work.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Re: OCI 7.2 with HDS HiCommand sources




Re: OCI 7.2 with HDS HiCommand sources

We support a few formats - I am pretty sure array serial number is one of them. Please note that on a multiple originator data source like this (i.e, collects > 1 device), if you successfully exclude arrays, or have deleted arrays out of HiCommand (both actions which cause the data source to be unable to report on the device), the device will not automagically disappear out of OCI - it will merely become dead/inactive, which will allow one to delete it out of OCI via the Java client - right click - Delete Inactive Device)


I don't think we yet have WebUI / REST API tooling to delete inactive devices yet

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Re: OCI 7.2 with HDS HiCommand sources

I have tried IPs and the same issue.  I will attempt to use the serial number next.

Re: OCI 7.2 with HDS HiCommand sources

I think using serial numbers is the ticket.  That seems to be updating the soruces properly now.  Thanks for the help on this.

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