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OCI Datasource Error- Brocade FC Switch



I have data sources configured for brocade FC switch(FC Switch Firmware 4.2+ (SSH) )  ,

but they are failing with the error :"Unexpected data retrieved Error detecting prompt"


I found one of the solutions as to increase the banner timeout.

Even After increasing the banner timeout from default value 5 to 30,45,60  its not working. Is there any way to fix this error.Any pointers would help.


Re: OCI Datasource Error- Brocade FC Switch

What firmware are the arrays?


Are these datasources ever successful?

Re: OCI Datasource Error- Brocade FC Switch

You may want to use an SSH client on the OCI server to attempt to ssh to the switch in question using the credentials you've configured in OCI.  This will help you confirm that SSH connectivity is possible and that your credential is correct. 


Also keep in mind that if you have chassis discovery turned on, OCI will attempt to connect to each director-class switch in the fabric.  So if your credential is configured on one switch but missing from the next, that next switch may be the one throwing this error.  You will be able to see this by looking closely at the error message, perhaps in the logs. 



Re: OCI Datasource Error- Brocade FC Switch

This is in the customer environment,which i am working for,  they were sucessfull, and the banner timeout was the default 5. but now suddenly they are failing. is ther any way to troubleshoot them?

Re: OCI Datasource Error- Brocade FC Switch

Is this customer sending OCI ASUP? If so, email me at ostiguy at netapp dot com with the site name.


That said, Jim's idea to test SSH from the OCI point of acquisition (OCI server, or RAU if that is where the datasource lives) is a good one

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