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OCI Host Interface


Where exactly in OCI 7.1.1 are teh host level interfaces defined?  Are they considered a data source?  How and what do we do to set up a host level interface whether Linux or Windows?


Re: OCI Host Interface

Create a datasource -> Vendor -> NetApp -> Model -> Host and VM FIle Systems


There are 3 fields




Compute Resource Group


Compute Resource Group is an annotation type - if "ostiguy" "1234" are the credentials for the hosts & VMs in "Logan Airport Luggage Claim", you will want to annotate those hosts and VMs with a common Compute Resoruce Group

Re: OCI Host Interface

The OCI lab on Demand has examples of what the HSVMFS offers. There is file system, used and total capacity in both the operational client and the data flows into the Data warehouse.  I attached some additional Information for your reference.  

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