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OCI autosupport configuration


Hello. experts.

I would like help.


It is part of the oci asup configuration.


1. What is the frequency of asup mail?
2. Send performance information for all devices except NetApp?
3. Is it stored in the oci server?




Re: OCI autosupport configuration

OCI ASUP sends every 48 hours by default


We only recommend sending Perform data if you are instructed to do so as part of a support case. If you send Perform data, you are sending all the Perform data in the system - FC switch, storage, hypervisor + guest


I would recommend NOT using SMTP, and using http(s) instead. OCI has proxy support for http(s)



Re: OCI autosupport configuration


Thank you so much Matt.

can I change the asup schedule interval?

Customers want to receive performance data on a daily basis. So I want to try asup.

I have not tested it yet so I do not know what the asup mail has. Is asup level enough to produce performance reports?

If the asup in the oci server is saved, can I see its contents?


I am sorry to have many questions.


Did I misunderstand? oci asup is only for support in case of problems
Is it sending function? Because there is no setting for receiving mail in asup configuration.

And asup is not related to email with notify function?


Re: OCI autosupport configuration

The customer consumes performance data from OCI, not OCI ASUP.


Is the customer expecting to receive performance reports from NetApp? Why?

Re: OCI autosupport configuration

I made the transmission wrong.
It's not what customers want from NetApp. Can customers receive asup directly? The customer wants to make performance data through the asup.

Re: OCI autosupport configuration

There is no way to redirect OCI ASUP data, and additionally the files are encrypted before they are transmitted.

Re: OCI autosupport configuration

Thank you so much Matt.
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