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OCUM 7.1 Custom Reports



Does anyone have some sample reports or instructions for creating a custom report for OCUM 7.1?


The Admin guide runs you through setting up eclipse and creating data sets but glosses over the actual creation of SQL queries.  As I'm not a SQL pro this is the part I really need.


Re: OCUM 7.1 Custom Reports

I posted a Vido explaining how to create reports including a template.

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thank for creating this Great Clip! May I ask you to Share the link for the Template file again? The Provided Link Seems to be Not valid Anemone. Thanks in advance.





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The link to the template should still be valid:


Regards, Rolf


Re: OCUM 7.1 Custom Reports

Re: OCUM 7.1 Custom Reports



Please use the TR: as a guide for building your custom reports. The TR guides you through creating a custom report with some examples.


Hope this helps.




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Hello Rolf


do you have an actual link for the file?

I get an error message when in click it!


Thank you!!


Kind Reagrds Udo

Re: OCUM 7.1 Custom Reports

Re: OCUM 7.1 Custom Reports


I think I've followed the instructions with no errors: I've got the connections, I can browse from dataset the categories and so on.
Then I've tested the sample query in the video but my testing preview give me the colums with zero result.

What is going wrong?

Thanks a lot


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Hard to say without your query. But If you get all the database fields under available items in the query window, your datasource is set up correctly.

If you get no error but empty fields, you should look at the "join" and "where" statements. If no values return, the error might be there.






Re: OCUM 7.1 Custom Reports

I saw a blog entry this year around a custom appliance that bundled everything you need to create custom reports. Can't find the ref for it but was tentatively due in May 2018 from recollection. I'll have another look.

Re: OCUM 7.1 Custom Reports

Dear All,


The video was very helpful, thank you! 


Is it possible to create report which shows the volume comments? I checked and couldn't find any related object for this. 


Can you help me here?


Thanks in advance,


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