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OCUM 7.1 Event handling

Good day,

Could someone tell me please how can i change admin user e-mail address used for notifications:





I changed "maintenance" user e-mail in User management menu, but nothing changed in Event handling:
That what is said in Help:
Send alert notifications to Admin users
Enables you to have email alerts sent to OnCommand Administrator users when system-defined events are received. This option is enabled by default, and the list of Admin user email addresses is pre-populated.
But i have no clue where can we modify this Admin user email address.
OCUM is deployed from vmware template, so it's working under Linux Debian.

Re: OCUM 7.1 Event handling

Re: OCUM 7.1 Event handling

 Hello yaoguang,

Looks like there is no built-in feature to change it?

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