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OCUM 7.1 P2 and CommVAult volume provisioning for data protection

We are using Snap Vault for data protection

Whenever our CommVault server creates new data protection between source volume  and snapvault target, it uses our OCUM server.


Volume that is created as a result of this action, is a DP volume, and should have parameters as described here:


Space setting

RW volume

DP volume











85 (percent)

85 (percent)


50 (percent)

80 (percent; autosize-grow-threshold-percent -5)


Initial volume size

Initial volume size


120% of volume size

Maximum aggregate size

Snap reserve (percent-snapshot-space)

5 (percent)

0 (percent)


100 (percent)

0 (percent)


Howevert his is not the case here – volumes that are created have max-autosize settings of 120%.

This is causing volumes to become full and snapvault jobs to fail on regular basis.


From what I understand from my colleague in backup, CommVault used “provisioning policies” that are supposed to be set up in OCUM for deciding what volume parameters need to be passed during the setup of SnapVault on CommVault end.


I tried to find any information in OCUM itself and on the Internet, but could not find any mention of storage provisioning policies that OUCM 7.1 would contain. This was true for version 6.0, but not for the later ones.

On the other side however, I found information that in order to manage data protection from OCUM, you require WFA to be installed, which we have, it is also linked with our OCUM.


There are couple of provisioning policies that can be set up from OCUM side, however I did not find anything corresponding in OCUM or WFA templates.


Do you have any idea if the 3rd party solution like CommVault is used does OCUM still use WFA templates to provision target volumes for data protection ? If yes can you point me to provisioning policy in WFA that I could edit in order to get the max-autosize parameter set up correctly ?

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