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OCUM 7.1 Perf Capcity Used

I have 5 clusters running 9.1P2.  Only 1 one them has the headroom metric (perf. capacity used) displaying data in the performance section of OCUM 7.1. 

All the others say "No data is available. Data ONTAP 9.0 or later must be installed to collect Perf. Capacity Used data.

I've searched the help and online for an answer to no avail.  Has anyone else run accross this issue?




Re: OCUM 7.1 Perf Capcity Used

It could be that you hit a known issue Did you upgrade these 9.1.x clusters from 8.3.x?

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Re: OCUM 7.1 Perf Capcity Used

Yep, I did upgrade from 8.3.2. I'll reboot the performance manager appliance and see if that takes care of it.  Guess reboots are just for fixing windows machines anymore.  🙂

Re: OCUM 7.1 Perf Capcity Used

Or you can upgrade to 7.1P1. Sorry that this is OPM's fault to reboot, not Windows. 😉

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