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OCUM 7.1P3 data transfer rate

Hello everybody,  it's a n00b question, i know, but i'm setting up protection relationships and i can't find the option to set Data Transfer Rate.

I can't see the option while configuring the relationship, not even when i try to edit the relationship...

Any hint?


Re: OCUM 7.1P3 data transfer rate



The 'data transfer rate' feature that you are looking for is part of the WFA pack for Ontap.


Are you sure you have WFA linked to your OCUM ?


On OCUM menu:

Administration | set-up options | Add-ons | Workflow-automation (Do you see this)?



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Re: OCUM 7.1P3 data transfer rate

That's why then, i just checked and it's not installed.

I can't figure it out even on the System Manager, i see two relationships with Data Transfer Rate set to 7000 KB/sec, but i think this has been set via CLI maybe?

Re: OCUM 7.1P3 data transfer rate

Yes, that's right. vi CLI.


You can modify the throttle, via :


::>snapmirror modify command , you can use -throttle switch.

Throttle (KB/sec)

Re: OCUM 7.1P3 data transfer rate

Do you know that the product version is out of support? If there is no special reason to keep this one you should consider upgrading.

Indeed, if WFA is not connected the backup options, except for local, should not be even available.


If I recall correctly we do not have the setting to throttle directly. There is an option for a transfer policy which of course uses the ones defined in ONTAP. If you have specific requirements you need to configure the policies and select them in UM.

Re: OCUM 7.1P3 data transfer rate

Yep, correct, upgrade is in the air indeed. Thanks for your help

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