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OCUM Delayed Notification Email

Hi team,


IHAP getting LUN offline alert email approx 30 mins after the LUN goes offline. ASUP emails are delivered immediately. What can be the reason of this? Configuration looks fine.




Re: OCUM Delayed Notification Email

What release of Unified Manager (UM) and ONTAP?

For UM 6.x/7.x, there is a polling interval (not adjustable) of 15min, which could leave up to 30min intervals for detection of an event.

The EMS Subscription feature first introduced in UM 7.0 may be of utility to shorten the notification time.

Re: OCUM Delayed Notification Email

Hi Marzec,


It is OCUM 7.  They have attached configuration. I guess this configuration alerts user every 15 mins if it is not resolved, so this does not shorten as far as I understand. I found how to configure EMS Subscription, I believe it will solve this issue.


Thanks for pointing to the right direction.

Re: OCUM Delayed Notification Email

A bit of clarification...

  • EMS Subscription will shorten the time between failure itself and the message being sent to UM.  EMS Subscription is for UM to receive messages from ONTAP only. 
  • An alert is *still* required for any notification to be sent to admins.

NOTE:  If the alert is configured for repeat notification, that is an alert configuration function and is independent of the source of the event (EMS Subscription or normal polling process) that triggers the alert.

Re: OCUM Delayed Notification Email



You can benefit from using EMS events subscibed from ONTAP onto your OCUM instance. Kindly note that this still requires creating an alert; you will need to associate desired EMS events to your alert. 


Kindly go through the detailed video on creating alerts based on EMS events from ONTAP here..


Hope this helps!




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