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OCUM Feature Requests: clone/export/import Alerts



we have several clusters in several locations all over the globe.

In each location there is a dedicated distribution group which should get alerts about their cluster(s).

But we are only interested in 80% of the available alert events.


This means we have to carefully select events that we are interested in for each system over and over.

For every system / alert group again and again. This is both highly time consuming and frustrating.


So please develop an easy way to clone / export / import those alerts incl. events.




That would help alot!




(Using OCUM/OCPM 7.1GA pre-built .ova`s at this time)





Re: OCUM Feature Requests: clone/export/import Alerts

thanks for ur recommendation


Re: OCUM Feature Requests: clone/export/import Alerts

Running 7.2RC1 and there is still no option to clone,import/export alerts.


This is a huge pain, as I need to spend hours to configure alerts and associate events for all my clusters as we have dedicated teams to take care of individual clusters.


Can you at least share the commands that are required to do it manually within mysql?

Or do we need to reverse engineer which databases/tables etc. are required for that?





Re: OCUM Feature Requests: clone/export/import Alerts

Hi Thomas,


I can think of 2 ways to achieve this:

a. Check if there is a alert-create ZAPI that is publicly available to automate this workflow. You can provide the event-name entries from an array hash.

b. Configure all alerts first time on first OCUM server, take an OCUM scheduled **backup**, restore backup in destination server, regenerate server certificate here, reboot OCUM server and

once up, login to web GUI and check (in Manage-Alerts page) that all alerts are restored fine.


Check out the KB!
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