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OCUM Overcommitted/provisioned report

Anybody know if there is a report in OCUM 6.3 /6.4 that will show the provisioned size of an aggr ?


Ive got the report that shows overcommitted % , but im looking for a report really that shows available (GB) and committed (GB)


Makes it much easier for me to 'buy' more storage 😉


Re: OCUM Overcommitted/provisioned report

This is available. I want you to refer to couple of places in UM6.3/6.4, and then you can make a decision where you want to look at it to get this data.


Reports - We have a report called "Aggregate Capacity and Utilization" that shows Total / Used/ Available/ Overcommitted capacity and Growth rate.  This report is not showing 'Committed capacity'.


If you are interested to see 'Committed capacity', you can get them in Aggregates inventory (Storage -> Aggregates). This shows Total / Used/ Available/ Committed capacity.




Re: OCUM Overcommitted/provisioned report

Another option is to create a new report using BIRT designer with all the required fields(note: UM expose committed capacity also), and import the report into UM. Once imported the report will just act as any other

normal report which you can schedule,share,etc.


Let me know, if you need more help on importing feature.




Re: OCUM Overcommitted/provisioned report

THanks guys ( apologies for the late reply )


Managed to get what I needed from your pointers.


I will have a look intocreating a custom report using BIRT at some point to get exactly what I need.



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